A shelter in Northern Ontario is facing a fork shortage

Shelter House Thunder Bay is running out of forks.

The facility, which feeds approximately 150 to 200 people each mealtime, has been facing a shortage in cutlery.

Shelter House Thunder Bay’s development officer, Amber Prairie, said lack of kitchen utensils is a frequent problem.

“Forks and spoons are something we are always short of. They get broken, or damaged. We also have some that get thrown out accidentally.”

Katie Watson, the shelter’s volunteer coordinator, told CBC News that their residents are required to come up their own creative solutions when cutlery runs low.

“They will use spoons if we don’t have forks and they will use knives or their hands or, you know, do the traditional pull-the-bowl-into-the-mouth or plate-up-to-lips,” she said.

Prairie explained the shelter house has set up an Amazon wish-list for members of the public to donate.  

She added those living in Thunder Bay who want to drop off donations can do so at the shelter house, 420 George St., before 1:30pm or after 3:30pm.