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About Most Of Us

About Most Of Us

Most Of Us is a digital news site about people, not politics.

Good news is local news. From Cape Spear, N.L. to Boundary Peak, Yukon, and everywhere in between, we tell the stories that bring us together and remind us of what we have in common, instead of what drives us apart.

News without noise

Most of us are tired of the shouting and division we see online. Tired of talking heads, political games, and fake outrage. Tired of left against right, east against west, us against them. Most of us are tired of the noise that drowns out our voices, our neighbourhoods, and the Canada we know.  

Life is too short for that. At Most Of Us, the only time you will hear from partisans and online trolls is when we’re calling them out. Instead, we bring you interesting and entertaining stories from the towns, cities and back roads across this fantastic nation.  

If you think that’s great, stick around. If you think it’s stupid, you might be a partisan troll. Either way, feel free to get in touch: info@mostofus.ca