Alberta doctor googles ‘consent’ after learning he was under investigation for sexual assault

An Alberta doctor, accused of sexual assaulting a woman, googled “consent” after finding out he was being investigated for the charge.

Dr. Barry Wollach said in court yesterday that his repeated searches were merely research, according to the Calgary Herald.

Donna Spaner, the crown lawyer, however, argued that Wollach’s actions were motivated by the fact that he knew the victim didn’t consent.

“You knew that her ability to communicate with you was impaired, whether by drugs or alcohol or human emotion, fear,” she said.

The 59-year-old anesthesiologist was charged after a 2016 incident involving a woman he went on a date with after meeting her through the online mobile app Bumble.

Wollach maintained that the woman willingly accepted his sexual advances when they went to his townhouse after dinner.

But the Herald reported that the complainant said that she felt “woozy” during dinner and was persuaded to go to Wollach’s home where she had sex against her will.

The following day the complainant went to a medical centre and expressed concern that she had been drugged with a date rape drug.

However, toxicology tests came back negative and the anesthesiologist has denied drugging the woman.

Final arguments on the case will be heard in court today.