Alberta man films himself running from Rocky Mountain avalanche (VIDEO)

An Alberta man has captured his heart-racing encounter with an avalanche on video.

As reported by CBC News, Byron Howard was out for a trail run around Lake Louise, Alta. around 5 p.m. on Friday when he heard something behind him.

He told CBC News that when he looked over his shoulder, he saw an avalanche was heading in his direction.

“I felt as if there was no way that avalanche can get me, because you know, it has to come off the side of the mountain onto the lake on the other side — which is about 100 metres from where I am … but as it was coming closer and closer I thought, oh, I’d better run,” he said.

Howard said he had been taking photos of the scenery, which meant his phone was out and ready to record the entire episode.

In the video, Howard begins to pick up his pace in an attempt to outrun a giant snow cloud.

“Wow, there it goes,” he says. “That was crazy.”

Howard spends a fair amount of time out in nature and told CBC News that he’s never had an experience like this.

“I do have a new appreciation for … how quickly it can come upon you and how unexpectedly it can come,” he said.