Heart-shaped potato/ Facebook Marketplace photo.

Alberta man tries to sell heart-shaped potato for $1,000

There is no better time than the holiday to show your family and friends you care by giving them a super unique gift. At least that’s exactly what one Alberta man might have been thinking while attempting to sell an exceptionally unusual find over the Calgary area Facebook Marketplace last month.

In an ad, seller Naveed John Farivar described the item as a “crazy heart-shaped potato.”

“You’re never gonna find anything like this,” he wrote. “Perfect for Christmas festivities or even a gift for a loved one! Low baller will be ignored. Thanks.”

Farivar was trying to sell his “crazy” potato for a pretty penny of $1,000.

And while his post was originally found in the “Antiques and Collectibles” section of Facebook Marketplace, it has since been taken down.

Perhaps the potato has found a new home or maybe Farivar thought about it and figured it was too special to sell.