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40th Birthday Poems: Write a short poem on a greeting card for someone who is turning forty. Whether it is for your mom, dad, husband, wife, friend, colleague - celebrate their special life stage with cute messages, inspirational notes, heartwarming wishes and funny quotes. Forty is said to mark the peak of the dreaded midlife crisis.

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Happy 40th birthday friend! On your 40th birthday, let's celebrate the love, warmth, and laughter that you've brought to all who know you. Wishing you a year filled with joy and the fulfillment of your dreams, best wishes. Wishing a wonderful day to my best friend turning the big 4-0 today!

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Happy birthday, a sincere wish from my heart, May your journey ahead be filled with art. And bring a smile to the face of the 40 year old with these Funny 40th Birthday Poems. At Forty. Poet: Catherine Pulsifer. At forty, life has graced you with its gain, Experience and wisdom flow through your veins. Challenges met, mistakes gently forgone.

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Do anything you want to do. Creativity and common sense. Have been refined in you. You're mature in your wisdom. Your spirit is aged and bold. Humor is your shield of fire. And your heart is solid gold. Here are some examples of what to write in a 40th birthday card. These 40th birthday wishes include funny messages, inspirational words, and.

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Sending lots of love on your 40th Birthday. I hope you mark the occasion with a glass of bubbly and lots of cake! Happy 40th to you. May your wishes come true. Crack open some bubbles. And eat some cake too! Sending 40 hugs to my amazing friend as she celebrates her 40th Birthday. Wishing you a very happy 40th Birthday.

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11 Funny 40th Birthday Poems Share these funny 40th birthday poems with someone who is turning the big 40. Turning forty is a milestone for some people. Use these funny poems about turning forty to lighten the day and bring a smile to the new 40-year-old. Celebrate the big Four-O! Short Poems & Quotes / Funny Poems / Funny 40th Birthday Poems

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40th Birthday Poem #1. The first of the 40th birthday poems was inspired by the Baby Boomer adage, "forty is the new thirty." Of course, that is ridiculous. But Boomers like to think that we'll be young forever. Forty's the New Thirty. Forty's the new thirty. So, good news!

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So, without further ado, here are our heartfelt 40th birthday wishes for mum: Mum, you've been the best parent I could've asked for and I hope you have the most special 40th birthday. On your 40th birthday, I wanted to let you know how much you mean to me and can't wait to celebrate with you. Mum, you've been my biggest supporter, and I.

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List if 11 Free 40th Birthday Poems. 1. Ode to the Fortieth Spring. In the garden of life, forty blooms appear, Vivid and wise, each one so dear. A journey of decades, a tapestry so bright, Each thread a story, in the soft morning light. Whispers of youth, now a gentle echo, Forty years of growth, in life's meadow.

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Happy 40th birthday! When it comes to you, age is more than a number. It's a celebration, a beginning, a second chance, a way forward with no end in sight. Happy 40th birthday! Stay young at heart and make time to play, even if your age makes you think otherwise. Happy 40th birthday! Happy 40th birthday.

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Happy 40th birthday wishes, messages and poems. ⊗ Fancy, fabulous, fantastic, forty! That's you! ⊗ You might be forty, but I think you're Number 1. ⊗ It took four fabulous decades for you to get this awesome! Happy Forty! ⊗ You've collected forty years of friends, forty years of good memories, and forty years of wonderful experiences.

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Birthday poems to make them feel special, cherished. Age-specific, funny and affectionate birthday messages. Rhyming and free verse birthday wishes.. There's an over-the-hill 40th birthday poem on the Funny Birthday Poems page. There are lots of searches for a birthday prayer, so I wrote a birthday poem that is also a birthday blessing..

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40th Birthday Wishes for Her. Entering the milestone of 40 is a significant moment in one's life, marking a journey filled with memories, growth, and achievements. Happy 40th birthday! May this milestone year be the beginning of an incredible journey filled with love, laughter, and unforgettable moments.

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Check out our full collection of birthday quotes. ♥. The first forty years of life give us the text: the next thirty supply the commentary. Arthur Schopenhauer. At 40, I realize that I was built for comfort, not speed. Unknown. You're not 40, you're eighteen with 22 years experience Unknown. Be wise with speed; a fool at forty is a fool.

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Happy 40th. The best is yet to come. May your 40th birthday wishes all come true. May your 40s be the most delightful of decades. Aging is a privilege. Use it well. Happy 40th birthday. May the joy of your 40th year exceed your wildest dreams. May you have a joyous day today and many more birthdays to celebrate in the future.

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Funny 40th Birthday Poem. Here's another over the hill funny birthday poem. This 40th birthday poem is meant to be light and funny. If you don't think so, or if you find it offensive, please let me know! Over The Hill At Forty So it's your fortieth birthday; Four decades have gone and passed. They say when you get older, Time goes twice as fast.