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Kick back on a catamaran as the setting sun splashes crimson across Shark Bay's skies. You'll spot Perfect Nature Cruises' 18m boat, Aristocat 2, the moment you arrive at Monkey Mia and once aboard, you'll see marine life aplenty, be it dolphins, dugongs, turtles, sharks or even sea snakes. Day cruises are also available.

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Ocean Park Aquarium. $$ · 26.15km from resort. An experience unlike any other, Ocean Park Aquarium, located just 35km from RAC Monkey Mia Dolphin […] Accessible facilities Food & drink Kid friendly Pet friendly Wildlife experiences Autumn Spring Summer Winter. There are so many things to do in Monkey Mia and RAC Monkey Mia Dolphin Resort.

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Start the morning by seeing the dolphins at Monkey Mia be fed fresh fish by the local ranger right along the shoreline at Monkey Mia Beach. The feeding happens every day between 7:45 am - 12:00 pm. This experience includes being able to walk into ankle-deep water and have the dolphins swim around you.

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A natural paradise, Shark Bay (Gathaagudu Gutharraguda) presents plenty of opportunities to admire rare plants, spot colourful birds and encounter wild animals on land and in the water. At Monkey Mia, frolicking wild dolphins greet their visitors by swimming up to the shore. Survey the scenery from Eagle Bluff and, when it's time to make a.

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But don't miss all the other jaw-dropping things to do in Shark Bay, ranging from exploring the red depths of Francois Peron National Park to conquering Australia's westernmost tip. 1. Marvel at the playful Monkey Mia dolphins. Rise and shine to line up with fellow visitors along the shoreline of Monkey Mia Conservation Park.

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The Shark Bay World Heritage zone is about 750km north of Perth. It is an area of great beauty, it's rich in marine life and is home to some of earth's first life forms. There is no shortage of things to do in Shark Bay. The region boasts attractions like Monkey Mia, Shell Beach, Dirk Hartog Island National Park and the Hamelin Pool.

FULL GUIDE 9 Things To Do In Shark Bay, Western Australia

More Australian wildlife experiences at Shark Bay Shark Bay is an animal lover's paradise - from the dolphins of Monkey Mia to the endangered bird species that nest in Francois Peron National Park, you'll never run out of wildlife to see or things to do. For more information about Shark Bay visit our website or contact the Parks and.

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More than 2,000 dolphins inhabit Shark Bay and about 300 live in the waters around Monkey Mia. The dolphins at Monkey Mia are Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins, a sub-species of the common bottlenose dolphin. Due to strict management regulations for the ongoing welfare of the dolphins only five adult females are fed at Monkey Mia.

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Useful Information About Shark Bay. 1. Feed the Dolphins at Monkey Mia. Tourism Western Australia. Monkey Mia has to be the most popular experience in Shark Bay. It's famous around Australia and the world for its friendly population of bottlenose dolphins who come close to the shore for a tasty fish most mornings!

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Good question! It is an unusual name and many Shark Bay locals debate its origin. The Mia part comes from an Aboriginal term for home. Many believe that the Monkey refers to the name of a ship which visited the area, while others believe it refers to pet monkeys that Malaysian pearl farmers (who worked in the area during the 1850s) would have.

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Things to Do in Monkey Mia. 1. Monkey Mia Reserve. We came by early in the morning (around 0700) to catch the dolphin feeding at Monkey Mia. 2. Perfect Nature Cruises. 3. Wildsights. We had a rich and varied experience of the Francois Peron National Park peppered with the history of the park.

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The entrance fee pays for the care, management and research of the Monkey Mia dolphins. It is also used to provide visitor facilities, including interpretation and school holiday activities. Entrance passes can be purchased at the gate to Monkey Mia. The current prices are: Day Permit (per person) $15.00 per adult. $10.00 concession* holders.

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Guide to Monkey Mia. From friendly dolphins to vivid desert-meets-ocean vistas, Monkey Mia and World Heritage-listed Shark Bay offer adventures like nowhere else on earth. At Monkey Mia (850km/530mi north of Perth), wild dolphins have been dropping by for generations, garnering international fame. But Monkey Mia and the wider Shark Bay region.


Enjoy the world famous Monkey Mia Dolphin Experience.Watch the daily dolphin feeding from 7.45am at Monkey Mia Conservation Park and learn their fascinating history. Explore the breathtaking colours of Francois Peron National Park on the northern half of the Peron peninsula and visit Skipjack Point to see an array of wildlife.. Have a soak in the Artesian Hot Tub at the Peron Homestead.

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Ocean Park Aquarium. The Ocean Park Aquarium is 30 kilometres from Monkey Mia with views of Shark Bay from the café. A marine biologist gave a general talk about the animals in the tanks, as well as how the marine life ended up in the aquarium (sick or injured). I loved watching the clownfish and sea anemone interacting, it was incredible to see.

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1. Monkey Mia Dolphins. Monkey Mia is renowned for its wild dolphin experience, but you may also see dugongs, sharks, rays, turtles, sea snakes, and a variety of fish in the water. It attracts more than 100,000 visitors annually. It will take about twenty minutes to drive the 24 km from Denham to Monkey Mia on a sealed road.I recommend arriving early (around 7-7.10 am) to get a spot on the.