Strangers save B.C. man from drowning

Bystanders revived a man who went swimming in North Vancouver.

Threat of wildfires dents B.C. tourism companies’ bottom line

Companies in the B.C. interior say the threat of wildfires is affecting bookings.

B.C. man dies of rabies after coming into contact with bat

An unidentified 21-year-old man came in contact with a bat in mid-May, but did not show…

Toxic ‘Giant Hogweed’ plant spreading in Waterloo, Ont.

The plant "poses a significant threat to human health."


Most of us want to ban single-use plastics

Eight in 10 Canadians support or somewhat support a ban on single-use plastics.

Ontario teens push woman’s broken down car for 9 km

Billy Tarbett, 15, Bailey Campbell, 17, and Aeron McQuillin,18, of Fonthill, Ont., were on their way…

New Brunswick shop finds enormous lobster claw

A New Brunswick shop recently found a whopping seven-pound lobster claw. 

Growing number of Calgary residents registering chickens as support animals

The city has received four applications since council approved chickens as support animals three months ago.

Winnipeg unable to sell 409,000 sandbags

The City of Winnipeg has not found a buyer for its excess 409,000 sandbags.

B.C. seniors facing charges after alleged ‘soup assault’

Two seniors are facing charges after they allegedly threw soup in the face of a woman…

Saskatchewan distillery breaks record with 750-litre caesar

Last Mountain Distillery made the record-breaking cocktail with more than 4,500 shots of vodka.

Halifax man gets locked in liquor store

Gaurav Arora was looking at the beer selection in a Halifax liquor store when the lights…