P.E.I. woman stabs driver’s window before realizing she targeted wrong car

The woman was issued a suspended sentence and ordered to pay restitution.

Vancouver woman allegedly drives away drunk from court

The woman had appeared on a previous impaired driving charge that day.

This B.C. man has collected 456 VHS copies of Jerry Maguire

Show me the videotapes.


Most of us… worry about money laundering

An online poll found 74 per cent of Canadians think money laundering is a big problem.

Manitoba man caught driving 160 km/h said he was late for church

The driver was going more than 100 km/h above the speed limit.

The Farmer’s Almanac is predicting another brutal winter

Temperatures could hit -40 C in some parts of the country.

Ontario police catch two drunk drivers behind the wheel of one car

Police caught the two drivers after the lost control and hit a pole.

B.C. driver caught speeding with chopsticks in one hand and bowl in other

B.C. woman caught eating with chopsticks while driving.

Ontario driver charged after lodging truck between pole and house

Police charged an Ontario driver after an incident that left his transport truck teetering between a…

B.C. man drags himself through the woods for three days after breaking back in fall

Dan Anderson survived falling 50 feet from a tree in the middle of the forest.

Lake Erie posts record high water levels for August

A month after Lake Erie hit its highest water levels ever, it continued to break records.


Most of us say our identity is more important than money

52 per cent of Canadians believe it's more important to protect your identity online than your…