City of Winnipeg has already started to prepare for major spring flooding

The city said it's preparing for major flooding as a precaution.

B.C. man loses job at winery after dumping 17,000 litres of wine

A former Mission Hill Winery employee was responsible for two incidents that amounted to about 17,000…

Manitoba man charged with arson after putting shoes inside oven

A 48-year-old man caused a fire last week after putting his shoes inside an oven while…

Manitoba man tracks down sender of 1985 message in bottle

Dennis Anderson found the bottle while he was on a boat in Libau, Man. in 2011.

Toilet paper spills all over Ontario highway

Ontario Provincial Police tweeted that the incident took place Tuesday afternoon in the westbound lanes of…

Snowstorm expected to cost Vancouver Island thousands of dollars

A road and highway maintenance company employed by the province says one night of work to…

Giant rubber ducky to return to Toronto

The six-storey tall, 30,000-pound rubber duck, is coming back to the city since its inaugural appearance…

B.C. woman finds sewing needle in poke bowl

Kim Stevens bit into a sewing needle after making a poke bowl from pre packaged produce.

Winnipeg’s fall snowstorm to cost city $10 million

A recent report anticipates the city will spend $10 million to address the October snowstorm.

Edmonton resident logs 16 consecutive hours at Denny’s

The individual, who uses the handle “sexy-snickers”, spent a lengthy 16 hours in an Edmonton Denny's.

Canadians try to sell old Tim Hortons lids amid backlash over new design

Recent backlash over Tim Hortons’ new coffee cup lids has caused some Canadians to capitalize on…

Alberta man tries to sell heart-shaped potato for $1,000

Naveed John Farivar describes the item as a “crazy heart-shaped potato” on his Facebook marketplace ad.