Photo by GRAS GRÜN on Unsplash.

B.C. boy wins $200 in cannabis prizes in hockey tournament raffle

An eight-year-old, who won $200 in cannabis prizes, had his spirits crushed last weekend when he was told that the party pack wasn’t exactly the chocolate and chocolate fondue that he thought it was.

Keith Redl, the boy’s grandfather, told CTV News that his son bought $10 worth of raffle tickets for his grandson at a B.C. minor hockey tournament and allowed him to put his tickets in raffle boxes of his choice. The boy  reportedly noticed flavours like chocolate fondue and vanilla chai on certain product labels and used one of his tickets to go towards the prize.

At the end of the tournament the family was informed that the boy won the prize pack and what was in it. The package contents included chocolate edibles, a pipe and a lighter.

Redl said that he later had to explain to his grandson that he wasn’t allowed to eat any of it because it contained drugs.

“How do you explain that to a kid?” Redl said. “There is no place for drugs at a child’s hockey tournament.”

The Dawson Creek Minor Hockey Association said that the winner was told that the basket contained cannabis and was given the option of not accepting the prize.