Screenshot. Facebook/ Wandering Paws- Two Huskies and Three Rescues.

B.C. couple builds three-storey ‘doggie mansion’

Kylee Ryan and Josh Bunce decided that one house wasn’t enough for their five furry babies.

The couple has attracted online attention recently for their three-storey “mansion” they built in Jade City, B.C., for their dogs.

As reported by the Surrey Now Leader, Ryan and Bunce’s large fenced-in property gave them the advantage of building an additional structure in their backyard.

“My boyfriend was inspired to make the mansion simply just because he wanted them to have a vantage point, and he knew they’d love it,” Ryan said.

The dog property originally started out as one floor, but quickly evolved into the three-storey estate that it is now.

Their pets also have their own tree house complete with a deck and a “dog walk” that connects to another deck.

Ryan said she’s been sharing posts via Facebook of the doggie mansion on her page called “Wandering Paws – Two Huskies and Three Rescues.” Most have commented with messages of support. Ryan added that others have told the couple that they’re crazy.

The pair said they have plans to make some upgrades, which could include expanding the backyard, adding another house and more toys like tires and ropes for them to jump off of and pull.

“I want to paint the dog house to make it a little more appealing to the eye as well, even if the dogs don’t care,” Ryan said.