B.C. daughter uses Reddit to find friends for ‘disfigured dad’

Kaitlyn Michaelis has grown tired of seeing her father without friends. 

To take matters into her own hands, she put out a call on Reddit, searching for possible dad pals. 

“It really breaks my heart to see him so lonely, and I feel like my mother and I have done everything we can to try and get him out and about,” she wrote in her post. 

Her father, Dave, is a retiree and two-time cancer survivor whose face has been disfigured due to invasive surgery he had to undergo. 

He lacks a nose, has no upper teeth and is not able to wear dentures, Michaelis explained over Reddit. 

“He feels as though people are avoidant of him due to his appearance, and that may be the case, but I’m looking for another avenue that maybe a local Redditor can help me out with,” she said. 

While he is still able to speak, it takes some effort to understand what he is saying.

Three years after moving to Victoria, Dave has had little luck clicking with people who share the same interests as him.

Michaelis told the Surrey Now Leader her dad has a passion for working out, watching movies and going for short walks with his wife. But most of all he loves riding his motorcycle. 

“What really prompted me is he called me about two weeks ago and he told me this was going to be the last year he was gonna ride, ” she said. “When I asked why, he said ‘I’m tired of doing it alone.’”

Responses to Michaelis’ initial post consisted of suggestions that varied from joining the local legion to volunteering. One Reddit user, Esquimalt, even enthusiastically said they would hangout with her father. 

“I’ll f*cking ride with him. Riding is riding. And I’m not one for lunch and shit. A good ride and a hot coffee is the best thing going,” they wrote.  

In an updated post, Michaelis told the Reddit community she was grateful for their suggestions. 

“I’m gonna compile them all and then go over them next time I see him – keep them coming! Thank you kind people of Victoria!”