B.C. man almost run over by own SUV on boat launch (VIDEO)

A man narrowly escaped being run over by his own car while trying to tow his boat out of the water in Port Moody, B.C. on Wednesday evening.

A video posted to Facebook showed the man standing in the boat, which was attached to the back of his electric car on a ramp. As it unexpectedly started to roll down towards the water, the man frantically gets off the boat and manages to just get out of the way of the driverless car.

By the time police arrived, the SUV, boat and its trailer were fully submerged in the water.

Port Moody Police said in a press release that the man was transported to a local hospital, where he was treated for minor injuries and later released.

Police said that as the man tried to tow the boat out of the water, one of its propellers was not sufficiently raised and struck the ground. The man got out of his car and jumped onto the boat to raise its engine to avoid damaging the propeller.

It was then that the car, trailer and boat all began rolling back down the ramp towards the water, police said.

“As the vehicle rolled backward, the operator jumped from the boat, awkwardly landing on the ground, and was struck by the moving vehicle, causing minor injuries,” the press release said.

Once a tow truck hauled the boat and SUV out of the water, the car’s batteries caught fire. The SUV burned for several hours until firefighters doused the blaze. Police said the car was towed away just after midnight.

Police said alcohol wasn’t a factor in the incident and that they continued to investigate.