Photo by thomas scott on Unsplash.

B.C. man falls asleep in car he allegedly stole

A B.C. man, who was looking for his stolen car, has found it along with an additional passenger.

Don Levasseur, a salesperson with Kamloops This Week, told the publication that when he discovered his car in a local mall parking lot, he looked inside and saw a man sleeping in the driver’s seat.

Levasseur also noted a large mass of random items located inside the car.

The Kamloops resident said he noticed his car was missing from his driveway on July 18 after he accidentally left his keys in the ignition rolling up his windows the night before.

He immediately filed a report with the RCMP and posted on Facebook about the incident.

A woman messaged him two days later with a photo of his car parked behind a mall.

“I rushed out there to make sure the car wasn’t going to go anywhere,” Levasseur said, adding that he also called the police.

When police arrived, he explained what had happened.

“They surrounded the vehicle and I started filming,” Levasseur said.

He was able to unlock the car with his spare key.

The man, still asleep, was arrested.

Items found inside the vehicle included, pillows, blankets, gas cards, children’s scooters, bullets and drugs. 

Levasseur said an officer told him the sleeping man is well known to police for checking unlocked cars and stealing anything in plain sight. 

He added that police bagged all the items and are still examining the vehicle.