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B.C. man finds out he won $16 million jackpot on the toilet
Photo by BCLC.

B.C. man finds out he won $16 million jackpot on the toilet

Not many people can say they reached millionaire status while sitting on the toilet.

But that’s exactly where Tibor Tusnady was when he found out he was British Columbia’s newest Lotto 649 winner.

“It’s a little embarrassing, but that’s where I actually matched, googled the numbers,” the 63-year-old said, during the B.C. Lottery Corporation’s first ever virtual celebration.

The retired pharmacist claimed a prize of $16.4 million after matching all six numbers in the April 15 draw.

Tusnady said that he was in such disbelief that after he found out he won, he checked the numbers five times.

He shared that after leaving the bathroom, he resumed watching TV with his wife and went to bed without telling her until the next day.

Once he told her, they checked the numbers another five times before informing their friends and relatives.

“They were all very happy … but no one believes it at first. Everyone thinks it’s a joke,” he said.

Tusnady said that he will be using the money to go towards travel once the COVID-19 pandemic is resolved and restrictions are lifted. He plans to let his wife decide the first destination and promised her they would be flying first class.