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B.C. man loses job at winery after dumping 17,000 litres of wine

What a waste.

A B.C. man, who was fired after he accidentally dumped 17,000 litres of wine down a drain, has failed to get his job back.

The man, identified in recent arbitration documents as Brent Crozier, lost his job at Mission Hill Winery after he dumped the wine in two separate incidents. In 2017, Crozier’s actions led to more than 11,000 litres of wine dropping down a drain. He then similarly lost almost 6,000 litres of Sauvignon Blanc a year later.

According to Global News, the winery fired Crozier a one month after the 2018 spill, and said his terminated was related to the incident. Both wine fiascos were seemingly caused by Crozier’s inability to connect a hose that pumps wine between two tanks. But he argued in a grievance that his firing was too harsh. A labour arbitrator sided with the winery and ruled that the termination was appropriate.

Crozier’s failure to check the hose at a required 15-minute mark led to the loss and a “simple and cursory check would have revealed wine flowing freely down the drain,” the ruling stated.

The arbitrator also took into account that his failure to connect the hoses not only happened once, but twice. And while Crozier reportedly apologized “profusely” after the first incident, the arbitrator said he was not convinced. In the ruling, he said he was “struck by the magnitude of the Crozier’s carelessness in 2017 and the disastrous consequences of it.” He added that the first incident should have made an impression on him but had no effect due to his similar “negligent misconduct” in 2018.