B.C. man proposes new bus line fuelled by vegetable oil

A Kaslo, B.C. resident is hoping to start a new bus line powered by vegetable oil.

The line, which Mike Hathaway has proposed to the provincial Passenger Transportation Board, would carry passengers from Edmonton to Vancouver, according to Black Press Media.

If approved, the route would fill a hole left behind when Greyhound stopped running buses in western Canada last year.

Hathaway, who is a mechanic and former bus driver, told Black Press Media he switched the fuel tanks on his personal vehicles over to eco-friendly ones that run on vegetable oil years ago. He now wants to do the same with a fleet of buses.

“The idea is to allow eco-tourism to bring more people through the Highway 3 corridor, because the Greyhound dropping out has caused a pretty big rift for businesses,” he said. “They just don’t have the traffic flow of tourists.”

The B.C. resident said the route would be once a week to start, with additional trips in peak season. Hathaway’s application said there is a need for “simpler, more affordable modes of transportation,” between Vancouver, the Kootenays and Alberta.

If approved, Hathaway could be up and running by the summer. Hathaway told Black Press Media that he has gathered 7,000 litres of oil in anticipation.