Screenshot from Craigslist.

B.C. resident selling ‘wiener mobile’ for $7,000

If you ever wanted to own a giant hot dog on wheels, look no further. 

A B.C. resident is trying to sell their  “wiener mobile” on Craigslist for just $7,000. 

“Hi there. Selling my wiener mobile, my uncle bought it at an auction, we were going to turn it into a camper of some sort but lost interest,” they wrote in the ad. 

The owner added that the US imported vehicle starts and runs well, but could use some new tires. 

The wiener mobile, which is a car shaped like a hot dog on a bun, made its first appearance with Oscar Mayer of the Oscar Mayer wieners in 1936.  

While the company introduced several new hot-dog themed vehicles in 2017, this 1991 vehicle is somewhat of a vintage find. 

The owner said it ad will be removed once it’s sold and they need it gone “ASAP.”

You can view the ad here.