B.C. seniors facing charges after alleged ‘soup assault’

Two seniors were arrested after they allegedly threw soup in the face of a woman in the food court of a B.C. mall last weekend.

Police in Barnaby, B.C., responded to a report at around 12:30 p.m. Saturday that the elderly couple had poured hot soup onto a 43-year-old woman, according to a story in the Vancouver Courier.

Witnesses told police the woman had gotten into an argument with the couple, who she did not know.

The RCMP told the Vancouver Courier that the woman “did not suffer apparent physical injury and did not require an ambulance.”

An officer, who speaks Mandarin, told the couple that what they allegedly did could be considered assault. He then arrested them.

They were driven away in a police car and later released.

The incident provoked conversation on Chinese social media platform, WeChat, where a photo of the couple being arrested was posted.