Photo by Pedro Sánchez,

B.C. woman drives scorpion she found in kitchen to animal hospital

When Gail Hammond found a scorpion crawling around in her kitchen, she responded in a way that would go against most people’s natural instincts.  

Hammond decided to drive the unexpected visitor to a local animal hospital in Maple Ridge, B.C.

“Anyone looking for a pet? I have a scorpion trapped behind my fridge. I’m not the killing type. Any ideas?” she wrote in a Facebook post before making the commute. 

The Vancouver resident, who was in Cuba a few weeks prior to the incident, may have picked up the scorpion on her vacation, according to Dr. Adrian Walton from the Dewdney Animal Hospital. 

“We’re going to get a full identification on it for our safety,” he said in a video posted on the hospital’s Facebook page. “Some species of scorpion… can be potentially dangerous to myself and my staff.” 

The hospital has sought help from the Victoria Bug Zoo to determine the type of scorpion it is. Once the zoo is able to confirm its identity, it will be found a proper home.  

Hammond, who is also a fan of the band The Scorpions, used her unique find to call on the group to visit Vancouver. 

“So ironic that a long time fan of The Scorpions finds a live Scorpion in her home in Vancouver (WTF) BC.” Hammond said in a Facebook post. “Now can we just get the band here!! It’s been 12 years guys!!! Show your fans some Love!!!!” 

On Facebook, the Dewdney Animal Hospital praised Hammond for her courageous efforts to ensure the scorpion was provided a chance to live a good life.

“I give huge Kudo’s to Gail,” it said. “She’s the hero of this story.”