Photo by Anupam Mahapatra on Unsplash.

B.C. woman fights yoga studio dress code, wants to go topless

A B.C. woman says she was unfairly treated when her local studio told her to cover up.

As reported by the CBC, Jennifer Frizzley took off her shirt during a hot yoga class because she was overheating.

The Victoria resident didn’t have a sports bra with her, but said her class instructor and staff at the front desk of Quantum Yoga Club gave her permission to take off her shirt.

“I wasn’t making a political statement,” she said. “I wanted to be more comfortable.”

But after the class was over, Frizzley said an instructor approached her and told her to cover herself next time. She said that she doesn’t believe she should be held responsible for distracting others.

“The onus is on the individual to stay accountable to their own self restraint and to focus on their practice,” she told the CBC.  “I’m not going to tell someone with tattoos that they need to cover up because I find it distracting.”

Frizzley said she believes there’s nothing explicitly sexual about the nude body, adding that most of the men in her class didn’t have shirts on.

A B.C Supreme Court case in 2000 found that a women can go topless in public in “circumstances that do not offend criminal laws of nudity.”

However, Frizzley said Quantum Yoga Club has updated its website to include a dress code since the incident.

“We ask our guests to wear both bottoms and tops,” it states.

Frizzley has started a Facebook group for yogis who are comfortable opting to go topless. She said she hopes she can connect with other studios in Victoria who will host events that support a topless dress code.