B.C. woman threatens suicide if she can’t keep dogs in her condo

A Vancouver woman told her doctor she would jump off her balcony if the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal stops her from keeping all three of her dogs in her condo.

The Georgie Straight reported that Stephanie Kallstrom told her doctor that she would commit suicide if her strata corporation forced her to abandon her furry friends. The corporation’s bylaws only allow residents to have two pets total, leading Kallstrom to file a human rights complaint against the corporation.

Kallstrom argued that two of her dogs are pets, and that the third one was an emotional support animal that helped with her PTSD, anxiety and depression.

“She says that she requires all three dogs in her Unit to accommodate her disability and that the Respondents’ refusal to allow her to do so has caused an exacerbation of her mental disability,” a tribunal member wrote in a recent decision recommending a hearing on the complaint.

The decision also said that a hearing would be necessary given the extreme nature of Kallstrom’s reaction to not having all three dogs in her condo.