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B.C. woman ordered to pay for vacation after going on trip despite requesting refund

A B.C. tribunal is ordering a woman to pay $3,447 for an all-inclusive vacation she took to Cuba, despite requesting a full refund from a credit company.

Travel agent TripLink.ca said Salina Yu requested a refund for the trip after she claimed it had been booked in error. She said she had intended to use another company and blamed the booking on a computer virus, according to a recent decision released by the Civil Resolution Tribunal.

The tribunal found Yu had intentionally made the booking, having entered information for her husband and son who were traveling with her.

“On balance, I find that Ms. Yu’s evidence that a computer virus made her book the vacation is not credible,” Andrea Ritchie, the vice chair of the tribunal, wrote in the decision.

When the company told Yu the booking was non-refundable, she took out a claim with her credit company, requesting a refund. But she then proceeded to go on the vacation with her family in March 2018.

She later received a full refund from her credit company.

TripLink said the reason given for the successful charge back from the credit company was “Service Not Received.” The company claimed Yu should pay as she had received the services she booked.

Yu argued in a counterclaim that TripLink.ca should pay her $1,149 in damages because she was unhappy with the vacation.

Ritchie dismissed Yu’s counterclaim and determined she should pay $3,447 for the vacation, in addition to $55 in interest and $175 for tribunal fees.