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B.C. woman with injured foot in hospital parking lot told to call 911 for ambulance

A B.C. woman parked in a hospital parking lot with an injured foot was told that if she was unable to walk to the building’s front doors, she needed to call 911.

As reported by CBC News, Britany Spavin drove to the Kootenay Boundary Regional Hospital for 45 minutes on Sunday hoping to get her foot looked at after falling down a flight of stairs.

But upon arriving, she realized the hike from the parking lot to the emergency room would be more than her injury could handle.

Spavin said she called the hospital reception to ask if she could park in a vacant lot she was told that she could not do so “under any circumstances.”

When she explained to staff that she was too injured to walk, the receptionist said she should call 911 to get an ambulance.

“It just kind of rubbed me the wrong way,” Spavin told Sarah Penton, host of Radio West. “It made me feel a little odd that I would be required to call in such a needed service when I was already at the hospital. It just seemed like a really extreme option for what I was asking for.”

Instead Spavin parked illegally in a handicap space because it was closer to the hospital entrance. However, she said it ended up being a 15 minute walk because of construction.

But after a four-hour wait without seeing a doctor or having X-rays taken, Spavin left to seek treatment at another hospital.