Photo by Korwin

Canada second in world for cocaine use, study finds

Canada has one of highest levels of cocaine use in the world, according to a recent study. 

The Global Drug Survey 2019, a report investigating substance use across 36 countries, interviewed 1,960 Canadians on how many days they used the drug in the last year.

Data that showed they consume the drug an average of 10 days a year — almost double the global average of six days a year. This lands Canada as the country with the second highest consumption rate next to Scotland, where its population takes the drug 12 days a week on average.

Canada shares the number two spot with Brazil, Italy, Portugal, Denmark, and England. 

And while Canadians might be doing cocaine more often, the amount consumed on a usual day is on par with the world average at half a gram. 

The report notes that cocaine is one of the most expensive drugs in the world. However, when looking at the global average, Canada is one of the more affordable places in the world to purchase it. 

Compared to the global average, which is just over $120 CAD per gram, Canada’s average is just slightly under $85. 

Responses from Canadians also indicated that cocaine users have a positive relationship with their dealers. Just under 70 per cent said they “totally” trusted their dealer wouldn’t be violent or abusive toward them. 

But six out of 10 also admitted they would like to do cocaine less often. 

Of those who said they would like to consume the drug less, just over 20 per cent said they would appreciate some professional help.