Photo by Gregory Pappas on Unsplash.

Canada’s first nap studio opens in Toronto

Canada’s first napping studio has opened.

The facility, located in Toronto, offers a place for individuals to take a midday snooze.

As reported by CTV News, Torontonian Mehzabeen Rahman and her husband started the studio after they were having a hard time staying awake at work.

The new napping service, called Nap It Up, has 13 beds. For $10, customers can rent a bed for 25 minutes. But those opting to have their head hit the pillow for a little longer can rent a space for 55 minutes or 85 minutes.

Add-on services like larger beds, blankets, anti-snoring nose vents, eye masks and a white noise machine are also available.

Rahman told CTV that she kept privacy in mind for those using the studio.

“We don’t want people to sleep beside each other. that’s why we’re dividing it by the curtains,” she said.

The room also has a diffuser that sprays essential oil perfume throughout the room.

Recent research shows that the Rahmans aren’t the only ones who’ve been sleep deprived, suggesting that there’s perhaps a need for a nap studio.

A Statistics Canada report from 2017 found that one in three Canadians aren’t catching enough z’s.

And while midday napping has already caught on in other parts of the world, the Rahmans said they believe it might take awhile to take off in Canada. However, they’re hopeful people will give it a chance.