Canadian government issues safety advisory for Sri Lanka

The federal government has warned Canadians about travelling to Sri Lanka after bombings killed more than 250 people on the island nation on Easter weekend.

Global Affairs Canada has issued a travel advisory, telling Canadian travellers to avoid the affected areas and to exercise a high degree of caution as additional attacks could occur.

Suicide bombers targeted churches and hotels Sunday, killing more than 290 people and injuring around 500.

“The situation remains volatile. Others attacks could occur throughout the country,” the advisory said. “Local authorities have declared a state of emergency and curfew could be imposed at any time. Local authorities have also temporarily blocked access to some social media.”

The advisory also told Canadians to limit their movements as much as possible, allow extra time for increased security measures and to monitor local media to stay informed of the situation.

The Sri Lankan government admitted Monday that it failed to take action despite receiving warnings about the attacks beforehand. The country’s prime minister also acknowledged that there were “still people on the run with explosives.”