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Canadians try to sell old Tim Hortons lids amid backlash over new design

Recent backlash over Tim Hortons’ new coffee cup lids has caused some Canadians to capitalize on the moment by selling the coffee chain’s so-called classic lids.

The controversy over the new lids really popped off (no pun intended) when Justin Bieber took to Instagram to express his own distaste for the most recent design.

Since then, people across the country have made attempts to sell the old Tim Hortons’ lids online with some asking $100 or $200 a piece.

Leah Laroque, a London, Ont., resident, told CBC News that she offered a bundle of the lids online starting at $100.

“I’ve got quite a few people contacting me. Everything from ‘My God, are you high?,’ to ‘Are you completely serious?,’ to ‘Are these still available?,'” she said. “It’s been quite entertaining.”

Laroque said she put the lids on the market mostly for entertainment, but added that if someone offered her $100, she wouldn’t say no.

Ian Benninghaus of Thunder Bay, Ont. attempted to sell 10 of the classic lids for $100.

“I posted it half as a joke but half-serious too because one man’s junk is another man’s treasure,” he said. “Even if I can get five bucks for them it’s coffee money for the rest of my shift.”

According to CBC News, the newest lids accompanying the Tim Hortons cups were based off of a large research project that looked at a dozen of different lid styles with hundreds of interviews regarding each design.

Despite negative feedback from the Beebs and his following of Beliebers, Tim Hortons said that the feedback on its new lid has been “overwhelmingly positive,” adding that nine out of 10 customers say they prefer the new lid to the older style.