Ontario woman arrested in underwear after allegedly assaulting brother, attacking car with pitchfork

The accused's rampage resulted in police arresting her and charging her with assault and mischief.

Saskatchewan woman who bit off tip of another woman’s nose sentenced to jail

A judge sentenced the woman to a year behind bars.

New Brunswick woman jailed after throwing urine, feces on her landlord

Amber Poirier was sentenced to three months in jail and two years of supervised probation for…

Vancouver man climbs into stranger’s convertible, claims it as his own

Police arrested the man after he refused to get out of the car.

Three P.E.I. men arrested in connection to $25,000 lobster theft

The three men from Charlottetown were arrested when an RCMP officer from Shediac found their vehicles…

Ontario man convicted of impaired operation of canoe

David Sillars was arrested in April 2017.

Winnipeg fireworks store offers $1,000 display for information leading to suspect’s arrest

Red Bomb Fireworks is looking for a man who allegedly broke in to steal explosives on…

Newfoundland man who dug up bones says he was drunk at the time

A judge sentenced the 20-year-old man to 150 days in jail.

Police arrest Montreal mother, daughter for driving drunk within hours of each other

Police arrested a Montreal woman Sunday for allegedly driving drunk just two hours after her daughter…

Ontario man pleads guilty after impersonating brother to get out of traffic ticket

Robert Carmichael gave police his brother's information to try and get out of a ticket when…

Alberta psychic facing charges in ‘negative energy’ scam

The woman told her customers she needed thousands of dollars to obtain a special crystal that…

Lobster brawl breaks out between Nova Scotia families

Police arrested three men after a fight broke out between rival families wielding a wrench, a…