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Farming Archives - Most of Us

Poor weather, delayed harvest causing mental health issues amongst Saskatchewan farmers

A 24-hour Farm Stress Line for Saskatchewan farmers and ranchers in crisis has had the number…

Alberta beekeepers dealing with low honey yields after cold, wet summer

Alberta beekeepers said they were below their three-year average with their honey crop in a recent…

Rain delaying harvest for some Alberta farmers

Edmonton-area farmers have been experiencing a delay in their harvest from constant summer rain.

Poor hay growth hurting Saskatchewan farmers

Just 76 per cent of fall cereals are at their normal stage of development in Saskatchewan.

New Brunswick farmer faces short strawberry supply after cold spring

Brian Walker said his crops have yielded 25 per cent of the strawberries he had last…

Rise in cutworm infestations in Alberta farms

Alberta Agriculture and Forestry said there are 16 reported cases of worm infestation as of Wednesday.

Calgary woman hopes to register chickens as emotional support animals

Nikki Pike says her three chickens help her deal with depression and anxiety.

The Marijuana Report – March 15

Losing farmland to… farming In the District of North Okanagan, B.C., a cannabis grow-op application is…

Tropical parasite bringing ‘sudden death’ to Canadian farmers’ sheep

When B.C. farmer Susan Russell suddenly lost a sheep to a deadly parasite, she knew she…

People who know the least about GM crops think they know the most

A recent study found that the most extreme opposition to genetically modified crops comes from people…

‘The eyes of everybody are on us’: Canadian farmers look to be good stewards of the land

As rising temperatures and extreme weather have started to threaten the agricultural industry, Canadian farmers have…