Most of us… aren’t opposed to eating animals

Seventy-five per cent of Canadians are not opposed to eating meat.

B.C. couple builds three-storey ‘doggie mansion’

Kylee Ryan and Josh Bunce built a three-storey dog mansion for their five four legged friends.

Viral photo reveals tiny bathroom for Vancouver bus drivers

The photograph shows a bathroom that appears to double as a break room.

B.C. woman threatens suicide if she can’t keep dogs in her condo

This Vancouver woman told her doctor she would commit suicide if she couldn't keep her dogs…

Manitoba farmers declare agricultural disaster from drought

Farmers from 12 Manitoba municipalities sent out a notice on Thursday declaring an agricultural disaster and…

Giant goldfish are infesting Alberta ponds

Giant goldfish have overrun at least 50 of Alberta's ponds and lakes.

Great Lakes hit record water levels

Government statistics for July show that the Great Lakes were higher than they've ever been in…

Alberta doctor googles ‘consent’ after learning he was under investigation for sexual assault

Dr. Barry Wollach said in court yesterday that his repeated searches were merely research.

Ontario brothers’ fight over chicken burger lands in court

Ethan Kingsbury pled guilty to assault causing bodily harm after punching his brother and breaking his…

Grilled cheese is killing seniors in Quebec

Quebec's health department is reconsidering whether to serve the dish in its senior care facilities after…

Alberta hamlet evacuated for flooding just months after wildfires

The weather related state of emergency was declared in Marten Beach, Alta.

B.C. woman survives cougar encounter by blasting Metallica

Dee Gallant came face to face with a cougar while on a walk with her dog…