Most of us want to ban single-use plastics

Eight in 10 Canadians support or somewhat support a ban on single-use plastics.

Ontario teens push woman’s broken down car for 9 km

Billy Tarbett, 15, Bailey Campbell, 17, and Aeron McQuillin,18, of Fonthill, Ont., were on their way…

Cape Breton University instructor fired after asking student for lobster, moose meat and sex

The student who reported the instructor was told by the university two weeks ago that he…

Halifax man gets locked in liquor store

Gaurav Arora was looking at the beer selection in a Halifax liquor store when the lights…

Nova Scotia man runs distance equivalent to the world’s circumference

York Friesen has ran over 40,000 km, a distance equivalent to the world's circumference.

Tick that causes meat allergy spotted in Ontario

A veterinary clinic is warning residents that a Lone Star tick showed up on a cat…

Saskatchewan man buys canoe with Canadian Tire money

Tomas Terfloth raised enough Canadian Tire money through Facebook to buy a canoe worth $777.

Lightning storm sets roofs ablaze in eastern Ontario

Ottawa firefighters said residents heard a 'flash with loud, deafening bang that shook their homes.'

Ontario man convicted of impaired operation of canoe

David Sillars was arrested in April 2017.

Montreal woman finds python in apartment

Olabisi Titilayo came home one night to find the snake slithering in her apartment.

St. John’s residents struggle to make ends meet, even when they earn more than minimum wage

A recent report released by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives found that in order for…

Cold, wet spring dents farmers’ yields

When Stuart Oke woke up early the morning of June 4, he knew there would be…