Canada second in world for cocaine use, study finds

A recent study found Canadians consume cocaine an average 10 days a year.

Canadians informed on risks of sun damage, but not taking preventative measures: Study

While 77 per cent of study respondents said they know it is important to wear sunscreen,…


Most of us… are worried about rising fuel costs

A new poll shows 70 per cent of Canadians are at least somewhat worried about the…


Most of us… are concerned about privacy

A new poll found 92 per cent of Canadians expressed concerns about the protection of their…


Most of us… still support legalization of recreational pot

A new survey found 50.1 per cent of Canadians think recreational marijuana should be legal.


Most of us… are stressed about retirement

Seventy-three per cent of young Canadian boomers and millennials experience stress and anxiety when they think…

Canadian workers want flexible hours and shorter Fridays: Survey

A recent survey from a staffing firm found 49 per cent of Canadians want the option…


Most of us… are happy with where we live

A new study found 89 per cent of Canadians would recommend their neighbourhood to others.


Most of us… who consume pot, use it for health reasons

Almost 80 per cent of Canadian pot smokers do so for relaxation and well-being, according to…

Almost half of Canadians receive multiple simultaneous job offers while seeking employment

A global finance recruitment firm has found 49 per cent of Canadians have received two or…


Most of us… think Canadians have become less polite

A new study found 52 per cent of Canadians think we are ruder than we were…


Most of us… support paternity leave

A majority of Canadians are supportive of fathers taking time off work to care for their…