Two dead after heat wave in southern Manitoba

Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living confirmed the two deaths on Tuesday.

Threat of wildfires dents B.C. tourism companies’ bottom line

Companies in the B.C. interior say the threat of wildfires is affecting bookings.

Winnipeg unable to sell 409,000 sandbags

The City of Winnipeg has not found a buyer for its excess 409,000 sandbags.

New Brunswick farmer faces short strawberry supply after cold spring

Brian Walker said his crops have yielded 25 per cent of the strawberries he had last…

Tree-infecting fungus thriving from rainy spring in southern Ontario

The anthracnose fungus causes tree leaves to become distorted and curl up with brown or black…

Nova Scotia woman wants compensation for flooded home

Michelle Langille as lived in her house for 25 years and has experienced flooding before, but…

Ontario highway buckles from scorching temperatures

The highway closed temporarily this weekend from damages and has had a history of buckling over…

Lightning storm sets roofs ablaze in eastern Ontario

Ottawa firefighters said residents heard a 'flash with loud, deafening bang that shook their homes.'

Cold, wet spring dents farmers’ yields

When Stuart Oke woke up early the morning of June 4, he knew there would be…

Snow hits B.C. highway in June

Drivers got an unexpected dousing of snow on the Okanagan Connector.

Winnipeg has 409,000 sandbags for sale

The City of Winnipeg filled more than 400,000 sandbags for this spring's flood season, but only…

Flooding brings sewage into New Brunswick man’s home

Sewage flowed from an overflowing manhole into a Fredericton man's home as flooding hit the area.