University of Guelph study finds cats are getting fatter

A study conducted by a team of researchers at University of Guelph found cats increase in…

Ontario teens push woman’s broken down car for 9 km

Billy Tarbett, 15, Bailey Campbell, 17, and Aeron McQuillin,18, of Fonthill, Ont., were on their way…

Ontario woman arrested in underwear after allegedly assaulting brother, attacking car with pitchfork

The accused's rampage resulted in police arresting her and charging her with assault and mischief.

Unusual albino sturgeon caught in B.C.

The owner of the fishing lodge on the Fraser River said that the fish is just…

Cape Breton University instructor fired after asking student for lobster, moose meat and sex

The student who reported the instructor was told by the university two weeks ago that he…

New Brunswick shop finds enormous lobster claw

A New Brunswick shop recently found a whopping seven-pound lobster claw. 

Growing number of Calgary residents registering chickens as support animals

The city has received four applications since council approved chickens as support animals three months ago.

Impaired limo driver’s pee break costs him $2,200 fine

An Ontario limousine driver has lost his job, his driver’s licence and $2,200 after police spotted…

B.C. seniors facing charges after alleged ‘soup assault’

Two seniors are facing charges after they allegedly threw soup in the face of a woman…

Saskatchewan distillery breaks record with 750-litre caesar

Last Mountain Distillery made the record-breaking cocktail with more than 4,500 shots of vodka.

Halifax man gets locked in liquor store

Gaurav Arora was looking at the beer selection in a Halifax liquor store when the lights…

Naked man arrested for breaking into B.C. motorhome

The naked man was arrested by police and charged with break and enter.