Vancouver woman allegedly drives away drunk from court

The woman had appeared on a previous impaired driving charge that day.

Humane Society says 17,000 homeless cats live in Toronto

An analysis from the Toronto Humane Society indicates there's about 17,000 feral cats in the city.

This B.C. man has collected 456 VHS copies of Jerry Maguire

Show me the videotapes.

Manitoba man caught driving 160 km/h said he was late for church

The driver was going more than 100 km/h above the speed limit.

Ontario woman finds shoe twin for mismatched feet

Jessica Gray discovered that another woman in Calgary has the same foot issue.

Ontario man reunites with sister after 52 years

Pat Wilds was reunited with his sister Dorothy Lee after not seeing her for 52 years.

Ontario police catch two drunk drivers behind the wheel of one car

Police caught the two drivers after the lost control and hit a pole.

B.C. driver caught speeding with chopsticks in one hand and bowl in other

B.C. woman caught eating with chopsticks while driving.

Hamilton spends $40K educating residents about toilet habits

The campaign was launched in November 2018 and aims to raise awareness on “unflushable” objects.

Saskatoon removes 635,000 kg of pigeon poop from bridge

The city said 2,300 pigeons have been killed and 635,000 kilograms of the birds poop has…

Ontario driver charged after lodging truck between pole and house

Police charged an Ontario driver after an incident that left his transport truck teetering between a…

Calgary woman discovers she’s half siblings with hairstylist

Andrea Quint Fleck and her hairstylist, Troy Winget, found out they were half siblings through separate…