Ontario man pleads guilty after impersonating brother to get out of traffic ticket

Robert Carmichael gave police his brother's information to try and get out of a ticket when…

B.C. resident selling ‘wiener mobile’ for $7,000

A B.C. resident is selling his "wiener mobile" for $7,000 and said they need it gone…

Alberta woman charged for allegedly trying to mail puppies, kitten

The woman has been charged under the Animal Protection Act.

Ontario toddler notches sky-high IQ score

Most people have an IQ between 85 and 115, but a Toronto-area psychologist confirmed the boy…

B.C. man claims footage shows Ogopogo lake monster

Jim La Rocque thinks he saw the mythical creature in Skaha Lake.

Man falls 60 feet trying to pee off B.C. mountain

The man was riding his BMX bike prior to the fall and told rescue crews he…

British man donates severed toe to Yukon hotel

A British man has donated his severed big toe to a Yukon hotel so it can…

Saskatchewan man found hiding in restaurant ceiling for more than 24 hours

When police found the man, they said he was very dehydrated and hungry.

B.C. nonagenarians sky dive to raise money for seniors home

Two seniors jumped out of a plane to raise funds for a home in Abbotsford, B.C.

Ontario boys help save unconscious man found on train tracks

Three boys from Guelph, Ont., helped save an unconscious man they found lying along train tracks…

RCMP catch P.E.I. driver with ‘homemade’ registration sticker

An RCMP officer found a man had made his own licence plate registration sticker.

Saskatchewan woman amasses $20,000 eraser collection

Kerri Thurman has accumulated about 6,500 erasers over the last 36 years. She estimates they are…