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Dozens of guinea pigs are on the loose in Waterloo, Ont.
Jack Catalano, Unsplash.

Dozens of guinea pigs are on the loose in Waterloo, Ont.

As if a pandemic wasn’t enough to worry about, there are at least 40 guinea pigs roaming around Waterloo, Ont.

Global News reported that a breeder allegedly dumped the rodents in the city’s Heasley Park last week.

The GPS Guinea Pig Sanctuary in Kitchener, Ont. said it started receiving tips that the animals were spotted in the park and that staff had caught 15 guinea pigs on Friday.

Corinne Angell, a spokesperson for the sanctuary said the animals can become easily dehydrated in hot weather and are unable to survive in the wild.

“They’re squirmers,” she said. “They’re really terrified and some of them are easy to catch and some of them are hard, from what I’ve gathered.”

Angell added that the sanctuary staff feels optimistic about catching all of the wandering pigs and they’ve had many volunteers reach out about helping.

Anyone who finds a guinea pig is asked to contact the sanctuary.