Photo by Simon Infanger on Unsplash.

Drunk raccoons spotted carousing through Ottawa suburb

Drunk raccoons have been reportedly staggering through the streets of a suburban community in Ottawa.

Stittsville resident, Emily Rodgers, told CBC News that she found one such furry creature in her backyard that appeared to be in rough shape

“He couldn’t really move. He was dragging his legs, he was wobbling, having a hard time standing up. You could tell something was wrong with him for sure,” she said.

Rodgers said she called 311 and city workers removed the animal.

Julie Fong and her husband experienced two separate incidents involving drunk racoons.

Fong said a bylaw officer was at her door, asking for access to her backyard because they received a call about a raccoon that appeared to be intoxicated.

Earlier that day her husband told her he saw one trash panda staggering down a path before it rested on a fence.

“He said it was sort of stumbling along, just looking completely off, [like] somebody who may have had a few extra libations would be walking,” she said.

According to Michael Runtz, a biology professor at Carleton University, the source of inebriation was probably fermented fruit.

Runtz told CBC that he’s aware of a similar situation that involved drunk raccoons eating fermented berries and crab apples in West Virginia, but that it’s more well- known for birds to overindulge.

“Don’t try to give them coffee and get them sobered up, just let them go their course,” he said. “If you’re really concerned about the animal, call … some of the animal control officers to come have a look at it.”