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Early snow fall to hit parts of Prairies

Early snow fall to hit parts of Prairies

Snow is already set to blanket parts of the Prairies this weekend.

Weather Network meteorologists are forecasting that more than 30 centimetres of snow will hit some parts of the area.

A block of jet stream has stopped an upper-level low pressure system over northern Manitoba, and is expected to bring cold air from the Arctic this week. This is expected to drop temperatures by 20-degrees by the weekend and bring the first major snowstorm of the year.

“Currently, the Pincher Creek area has the highest threat to reach, or even exceed, 30 cm of snow by the end of the weekend,” says Weather Network meteorologist Dr. Doug Gillham. “Substantial snow will also spread east along the U.S./Canadian border with 10-20 cm extending into southern Saskatchewan.”

Calgary will escape the worst of the snow, as 5-10 cm are expected to drop there by Saturday.

Gillham said the area could see power outages, as well as tree damage as heavy wet snow will fall on leaves that have not dropped yet.