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Edmonton resident logs 16 consecutive hours at Denny’s

An Edmonton resident can cross off an unusual experience from their 2020-bucket list after successfully camping out in a local Denny’s for 16 hours.

The individual, who uses the handle “sexy-snickers” first notified the Reddit community about embarking on this recent adventure by posting in the r/Edmonton subreddit.

“I’ve been sitting in the MacEwan Denny’s for 5 hours now,” they wrote. “At this point I’m basically in it for the long haul… but my goal is to spend the whole night (16 total hours logged) at this Denny’s… has anyone else tried this?”

The original post, written 18 hours ago, was updated throughout the early morning hours of the adventure. The user also provided photographic evidence of the various meals consumed while tallying their time on a small scrap of paper.

ive spent 9 hours in this dennys now

Fellow Edmontonians chimed in via Reddit comments to support them on their journey.

“Bahahaha, this is one of my favorite threads ever in this sub,” said user dvntylr. “Keep up the good work, you can do it!”

“I just need you to know you’re my hero, and that Denny’s is just as beautiful as you are,” wrote theeForth.

Some even stopped by to buy them meals. One user, Edmonton_Canuck, bought the Denny’s fan a meatloaf. a_calder, a second user, wrote that breakfast would be on them and followed through on that promise.

my half eaten egg

In their concluding comments, “sexy-snickers” wrote that they were “tired, sore, but satisfied” from the experience.

“I had fun talking to strangers and receiving so much support,” they said. “Thank you all for helping cheer me on, I love you all!