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Elderly Ontario driver leads police on pursuit… at 30 km/h

A police officer in Stratford, Ont. had to call for backup before he was able to stop an 82-year-old driver, who was leisurely weaving through roads at 30 km/h. 

Const. Darren Fischer, of Stratford Police Service, told the London Free Press that the low-speed police chase involved three police cruisers and a mobile command post vehicle.

“The vehicle still did not stop and continued to weave down the roadway at that slow pace,” he said. “Drove that way with the lights and siren on for about a concession.”

The three additional vehicles were eventually able to box the driver in, requiring him to stop.

Once police pulled the man over, they noticed he was unresponsive. 

“He would not respond to any verbal or physical cues and he appeared to be in what I would describe as a catatonic state,” Fischer said. 

The driver’s licence was seized and may be suspended due to medical reasons. 

Fischer said he was amazed the man was able to drive for so long based on his unresponsive state.

“The only explanation I can have is he just went into autopilot while he was driving,” he said.

Police said the driver would not be charged. He was taken to a local hospital, where he was treated.