Expedia charges Manitoba man $6,180 for one night at Holiday Inn

When Justin Smerchanski saw Expedia charged him more than $6,000 for a night’s stay at a Holiday Inn in Minnesota, he thought the mistake would be easily resolved.

But the Manitoba resident hasn’t got a straight answer from the travel booking company after spending more than eight hours on the phone with its customer service representatives, according to a CBC News story.

“No one can give me a clear answer,” he told CBC News.

“I basically just kept getting the same runaround, that they weren’t able to authorize a credit for that amount. I kept saying, ‘Why am I talking to them? Get me up to someone that can.'”

Smerchanski was in a rush when he booked his room in Willmar, Minn. for a business trip. He only later realized he was charged $3,143 in taxes and fees, as well as $2,828.66 in property fees on top of the $207 price for the room.

After not getting anywhere by contacting Expedia, Smerchanski has now gotten Mastercard involved to contact the company on his behalf.

“I was told from the credit card company that they’ve never ever seen anything like this,” he said.

Smerchanski also contacted the Holiday Inn, which said two other guests experienced huge charges after booking through Expedia.

Holiday Inn told CBC it is not involved in the billing process when customers use third-party booking websites like Expedia.

An Expedia spokesperson did not provide comment when CBC News reached out to the company.

Smerchanski said he will never use Expedia again.