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Extreme flooding washes out road, stranding Saskatchewan communities
Photo by Wade Austin Ellis on Unsplash.

Extreme flooding washes out road, stranding Saskatchewan communities

Residents in northern Saskatchewan are grappling with challenges after extreme flooding washed out a main road two weeks ago.

As reported by the Saskatoon Star Phoenix, issues began at the end of July when a week of rain caused a section of the culvert running under the section of Highway 903 to collapse.

Shawna Gardiner, one resident, told the publication that the inaccessibility of the road has tripled her husband’s commute to work.

He takes a detour along two highways. Both are currently under construction, which results in a three-hour trip to get home instead of one.

Earlier this month, a family member drove groceries up to the Gardiners along Highway 903 until they reached the washed out region.

Gardiner said she and her husband waited in a boat for their food supply.

“We went to meet him at the washout and portaged across and came back with 24 Hutterite chickens for our families,” she said. “I told him it was a modern day trading route. Our portage saved us 420 kilometres, round trip.”

Steve Shaheen, a spokesman with the province’s Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure, said the ministry is aware of the situation, but is not yet sure when or how the road will be fixed.

“Obviously we empathize with the travellers, and will work to get the road open as quickly as possible,” he told the Star Phoenix.

According the Saskatoon Star Phoenix, others in northern regions of the province have also had to triple their driving time.

Those living in Canoe Lake First Nation, Cole Bay and Jans Bay rely on Highway 903 to get to Meadow Lake where they get groceries, go to work and attend medical appointments.

Alexandra MacLean, a principal for Cole Bay community school, said over the last two weeks, she’s spent more time driving than she wanted to with three specialist medical appointments, and a trip to Saskatoon to pick up her fiancé

She told the Saskatoon Star Phoenix that she hopes something is done about the road soon.

“Two and a half hours to get groceries is a huge inconvenience for families and I can’t imagine how families who can barely afford groceries are managing,” MacLean said. “People are going to go without food and I can’t believe nobody seems to care.”


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  1. Welcome to Canada,where nobody cares about anything as long as it does not inconvenience them. Hope your highway 903 gets fixed soon

  2. This is such an informationrmative story and very clearly written. Every single thought and idea is direct to the point. Perfectly laid out. thank you for taking your time sharing this to you scaners.

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