February was so cold in Calgary that hot noodles were freezing (VIDEO)

A Calgary man is showing the rest of Canada just how cold it has been in Alberta this winter by sharing a video of some frozen noodles he left outside.

The YouTube user posted his video on Feb. 10, showing that his noodles were so frozen solid, they could hold the weight of a fork.

Last month was one Alberta’s coldest Februaries on record, with some of the province’s cities seeing mean temperatures that are the lowest seen since the 1930’s. March has not offered much comfort so far, as all of Alberta was under an extreme cold advisory Friday.

Here were the mean temperatures for some Albertan cities in February:

  • Calgary: -18.7 C
  • Edmonton: -19.4 C
  • Grande Prairie: -23.6 C
  • Lethbridge: -19.5 C
  • Red Deer: -21.3 C