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Finding a Cure

Finding a Cure

What scientists know so far about COVID-19, and efforts to find an effective treatment
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Scientist and researchers around the globe are scrambling to understand COVID-19 in an effort to find effective treatment and, eventually, a vaccine.


Around the world, there are dozens of researchers currently working on vaccines for COVID-19. Although some potential vaccines are moving quickly into human trials, experts believe an effective vaccine is still 12-18 months away.


Scientists are testing some existing drugs which might be effective in treating COVID-19. But despite Donald Trump’s claims, these drugs haven’t proven to be effective, and require much more study. In the case of Chloroquine, the drug has some serious side effects and can even be deadly. Read more about the current research: Coronavirus: The latest in drug treatment and vaccine development, CBC


Studies around the globe have been looking at how long COVID-19 survives in different conditions. Knowing how long the virus lasts on door handles, pizza boxes, and other surfaces can help us understand and reduce transmission.

Currently, research suggests COVID-19 can last up to 72 hours on some hard surfaces, however, the virus gets less potent over time and the amount of virus remaining may not be enough to make you sick. Read more about these studies, and check out some important tips on staying safe: How long does coronavirus live on different surfaces? The Guardian

Weather temperature may also be a factor in how well COVID-19 spreads. Studies indicate that warmer temperatures likely do have some effect in slowing down the virus. However, it’s not likely summertime will spell the end of the outbreak. Read the latest information: Warm, humid weather could slow coronavirus, new research finds, Washington Post


COVID-19 wasn’t made in a lab, it *is* more deadly than the flu, and you won’t get it from your pets. Read more about common Coronavirus myths: 13 Coronavirus myths busted by science, Live Science