Photo by George Chernilevsky – Commons

Giant goldfish are infesting Alberta ponds

Alberta is looking to tamper down an invasive species of goldfish that are running rampant in the province’s waters.

Provincial officials told Postmedia that more than 50 bodies of water have been overrun by the fish — called Prussian carp — threatening the native aquatic wildlife.

“We’ve had some significant catches of people angling and pulling out goldfish the size of dinner plates,” said aquatic invasive species specialist Nicole Kimmel.

“They’re mostly centred around urban landscapes where we have higher populations because people are likely introducing them into stormwater management ponds for the most part.”

One female Prussian carp can produce anywhere from 500 to 1,000 eggs at a time and multiple times a summer, official said, adding that these goldfish can reproduce at a young age.

“They can become really invasive when they’re released into the wild — they potentially cause both ecological, and economic harm,” Kimmel said. “They’re taking out our native species and out-competing them, and can also introduce other stuff (from aquariums) like diseases and parasites that are affecting fish.”