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Grimes proposes hologram tour
Grimes has announced she is interested in doing a hologram tour. Photo by Caitlyn Ridenour, https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Grimes_2012.jpg

Grimes proposes hologram tour

Canadian artist Grimes says stage fright has gotten the best of her and she is ready to retire from traditional touring. 

The singer-songwriter told Flaunt she would like to do a hologram tour as an alternative to live performances. 

 “Why do we keep doing them for dead artists instead of living ones who have stage fright?” she asked.  

Holograms of Michael Jackson, Tupac, Elvis Presley, Janelle Monaé, M.I.A and Gorillaz have been previously used for musical performances.  

The 31-year-old said her fear of performing in front of large audiences has not improved over time. 

“I can’t hear clapping or cheers — I just hear an echo chamber of death. I black out. Dissociation — I can’t tell what’s happening. After a show I’m always thinking, What happened? And people are like ‘It’s ok!’ I know people like the authenticity of live performance, and I do too. But I’m not a good performer,” she said. “I need to find a way to not have to do the Beyoncé thing as much.”

Grimes has not played a full concert since January 2018.Her most recent live performance was last December on Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show.

Last month, she revealed she would be working on a new album that deals with the topic of climate change. But she recently expressed doubt over how it is coming together.

“I hate all these songs now. I might even replace them all. I’m supposed to be finishing the album this month or whatever, but I’ve been making a shit ton of new music instead,” she said. “I’ll probably put out the songs that I said I’ll put out… I think the fans want me to stop making metal, nu-metal. Which I will! I have, I have stopped making metal.”

When she originally announced the new project, she did not give a release date, but said fans could expect an EP or a few singles prior to the album.