Halifax man gets locked in liquor store

Gaurav Arora was looking at the beer selection in a Halifax liquor store Sunday when the lights went off.

The Nova Scotia man first thought there was a power outage, but soon realized he was alone in the store and the doors were locked, according to CTV News.

“I was still stunned,” he told CTV Atlantic. “I could hear the alarm buzzing. At that moment, I thought: ‘Oh, whoa. I’m in an emergency. Lights are out. Alarms are buzzing. Where the hell is everybody?’”

Arora managed to get out after around 20 minutes. The police arrived at the scene soon after to discover Arora had been stuck in the store after it closed.

“(The officer) kept on laughing the whole time,” Arora said.

Arora said that while he didn’t take anything from the store, it was a “dream come true” to have all that beer at his disposal.

A spokeswoman for the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation told CTV News that it was the first time anyone had been locked in one of its stores.

“We are extremely sorry for the customer,” she said. “It would be a very traumatic experience for him and we really do apologize to him.”