Most of us… think pot and real estate don’t mix

Most Canadians feel that growing marijuana, smoking inside the house, or even just living near a store that sells marijuana will decrease the value of their home, according to a survey by Zoocasa,.

In response to Bill C45 — the Cannabis Act — the online real estate brokerage Zoocasa surveyed over 1,300 Canadians about marijuana use in and around the home. The results clearly show that Canadians remain wary of the effect of marijuana on their home’s resale value.

The poll showed 57 per cent of homeowners feel that growing marijuana inside their house will negatively affect their property’s value, and 52 per cent would be less likely to consider buying a house where marijuana had been grown.

The numbers for smoking pot inside are even higher as 64 per cent of respondents who own their home believe that smoking marijuana inside will reduce its value (compared with 46 per cent of renters).

Proximity to cannabis stores is also a concern for home owners — 42 per cent believe that legal weed stores will reduce property values (only 11 per cent feel the same about liquor stores).

Clearly Canadians don’t think too highly of reefer and real estate.