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Yes, it's clearly sited on your passport. Just check the first page of your passport (the page with your photograph on it). "Issuing Authority'' appears in the bottom right corner. So, if you are searching for "place of issue'' on your passport, you might end up searching for eternity cos you won't find it, the reason been that.

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Apr 18, 2022. #1. Form CIT 0002 - question 14. Form CIT 0003 - question 8c. Hello, The above questions ask about some passport attributes, and Place of Issue is among them. The Guide for form CIT 0002 says it is supposed to be a city or town. I received my latest passport through the Consulate of my home country in Canada.

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A citizen of the United States living in Germany, for example, might have as "place of issue" in his/her passport "Embassy of the United States in Frankfurt". Typically in a US passport, the place of issue is somewhere near the passport holder's name. This may also be listed as the "Issuing authority" or the "Authority".

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Feb 10, 2016. #8. sprinbok said: All Passports are listed as "Gatineau" for place of issue, unless you are a Canadian overseas renewing through an embassy. No; if you apply in person it will be the name of office where you applied. S.

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Sep 17, 2020. #1. In the Citizenship application form it asks to list all passports, Country or territory of Issue, and Place of issue. The problem is that my passport does not say anything about place of issue. It has Authority so I put the value of authority which is the name of the Office issuing the passport.

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The place of issue is a significant detail in your passport that indicates the specific location where your passport was issued. It can be a city, town, or even a designated passport office. The place of issue provides additional information about the administrative unit responsible for granting and issuing your passport.

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Mar 20, 2022. #3. akbardxb said: Country of issue is India. Place of issue is the actual city where it was issued. Could be Ottawa / Toronto / Timbuktu. This is the only correct answer. Country of issue is the country that issued the passport; in this case, India. Place of issue is the specific office where the passport was processed; in this.

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The information stored on the chip is the same information printed on page 2 of the passport book. This includes: surname; given name; nationality; date of birth; sex; date of issue; your photo; passport number; If your status changes, for example, if you change your name, the chip cannot be updated. You will have to apply for a new passport.

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Let's make a conclusion. When asked about the United Kingdom passport place of issue, it generally means the issuing authority which can be found on the photo page of the passport. Currently, HMPO is the only issuer in the UK. If your passport was issued years ago, you will also find UKPA, UKPS, or IPS. If you are British Overseas Territories.

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My passport was issued to me via the "Authority" that is the Consulate of Country C in {Nearest Big City} in Country R. I know that the "Issuing Country" or "Issuing Authority" is Country C. Question. When the airline is asking for "Passport issued in," are they asking for the "Issuing Country"/"Issuing Authority", so for who issued the passport / where it was originally printed (so Country C.

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The MRZ is the main area that should be relied upon to establish the client's primary name. The format of the MRZ on a travel document for names is as follows: The family name is recorded first. The double chevron character (<<) separates the family name (s) from the given name (s) The single chevron (<) separates multiple family names and.

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Though the country of issue is the United States, the place of issue refers to a consulate or embassy and the city (country) where passports are applied for, processed, and handed in. For example, if an American citizen resides in London and obtains a passport at the US Consulate, the passport place of issue will be US Consulate, London, while.

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In addition in the old days, if your passport was issued by a foreign mission (say you are a residing abroad), the passport had "place of issue" the country you were residing in, but your citizenship is the country that issued the passport. - Burhan Khalid. Nov 9, 2014 at 4:30.

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49. The issuing country is the country that issued the passport. The consulate of country A represents country A in country B. Any official act of consular staff is an act of country A. The consular staff issued the passport, so it was issued by country A. If the airline wanted to know the location where the passport was issued, they'd ask for.