Kylie Jenner named youngest ‘self-made’ billionaire

Forbes has published its annual list showcasing the richest people in the world and Kylie Jenner has been crowned youngest “self-made” billionaire.

At 21 years old, the founder of Kylie Cosmetics has snatched the title from Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, who was awarded it at 23.

To celebrate her tycoon status, Jenner posted a photo on Instagram decked out in a Tom Ford snakeskin blazer with a caption thanking the American business magazine.

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thank you @forbes 💜

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And while the makeup mogul is marking this milestone in her professional career, Forbes has received some backlash for its characterization of Jenner as “self-made.”

Piers Morgan, a British media personality, took to Twitter to let the Internet know he was not happy about Jenner receiving the self-made billionaire title.

“What the hell does it say about our tragic modern social media obsessed society that a talent-devoid member of the Kardashian/Jenner sex-tape-fuelled clan becomes the world’s youngest billionare?” he asked before including a link to his latest column.

Others were more supportive of Jenner’s new title. Vice Media reporter Clive Martin also used Twitter to express his thoughts on the news.

“Tbf to Kylie Jenner most millionaire’s kids I know just work in obscure arts jobs and post pictures of their friends smoking outside cafes,” he said in his Wednesday post.

On its website, Forbes defines self-made as “someone who built a company or established a fortune on her own, rather than inheriting some or all of it.”

The magazine also developed a system to rank members of the Forbes 400 based on how self-made they are. Someone with a score of 1, would be an individual who inherited everything, while a score of 10 would mean the person not only grew up poor, but also experienced significant hardships.

Forbes gave Jenner a score of 7 on this system.

Other top billionaires in the under 30 category in 2019 included:

• Alexandra Andresen, 22 (Net worth: $1.4 billion)
• Katharina Andresen, 23 (Net worth: $1.4 billion)
• Gustav Magnar Witzoe, 24 (Net worth: $3 billion)
• John Collison, 28 (Net worth: $2.1 billion) *self made *
• Evan Spiegel, 28 (Net worth: $2.1 billion) *self made *
• Ludwig Theodor Braun, 29 (Net worth: $ 1 billion)
• Anna Kasparzak, 29 (Net worth: $ 1 billion)

In general results, Jeff Bezos of Amazon was ranked number one billionaire with a net worth of $131 billion, followed by Bill Gates ($96.5 billion) and Warren Buffet ($82.5 billion).